We are happy to announce that glassic will be implemented by the end of this summer on its first location: the Thai island of Koh Kood.

The plastic pollution crisis is aggravating ever since the demand on single-use products increased.

Although it is a worldwide problem, places lacking a proper waste management are the most vulnerable ones.

That is why glassic wants to bring alternative solutions to single-use products.

This semester we have strongly committed to the project, so our first product, the glassic glass bottles, can be available by the end of this summer, and therefore four of us will fly to Thailand in September.

During the whole semester, we have carried out many different tasks to ensure that the start of the production will be a success.

By conducting a sponsoring campaign called Flaschenpost, we have stablished contacts that provided us very valuable feedback.

Moreover, we were honoured to present glassic on different events, such as the Enactus National Cup where we represented Enactus Munich, and at the Enactus Start-up Accelerator. There we won in the innovation category and got funding for our project.

But most importantly, five new students joined us at the beginning of this semester, making glassic a team of fourteen motivated students.

We invite you to learn more about our project on our new website, where you will also find our new blog for more detailed updates and information about the project.