Campus Resources Center wird gelauncht

am 19. September 2013 · Abgelegt in News

Kennt ihr schon das neue ‚Campus Resources Center‘?
Hier gibt es Tools und Vorlagen, welche euch dabei helfen sollen, den Bekanntheitsgrad eures Teams an der Uni zu stärken.

This Campus Resources Center provides the tools you need to promote your Enactus team on campus. We’ve created a campaign to help you increase awareness of Enactus on campus and help you recruit new members. This campaign is built upon the notion that Enactus members have a special ability to see opportunity where others may not readily see it. It is a trait that has sparked thousands of projects and will lead to thousands more.

The campaign materials leverage real Enactus projects, including yours, and prompt passersby with the question, “what do you see? An everyday occurrence, or an opportunity?” By asking the students where they see interesting opportunities we can help seek out potential Enactus members while letting the rest of the campus community know that Enactus is about seeing opportunity, taking action and enabling progress.

Hier geht’s zum Campus Resources Center